Dream Job: Using Geometry to Filter Water

Waste filters are not the most exciting product but they are vital to modern life: people rely on clean, flowing water free of garbage. What people may not know is that the geometry of these waste filters is key to catching all the debris, while keeping water flowing freely.

That is where Sumanth Swaminathan came in. With his colleagues at W.L. Gore & Associates, which makes a range of industrial and medical products like Gore-Tex and Glide dental floss, Swaminathan combined geometry and fluid dynamics to improve waste filters.

6 Things You Forgot to Include on Your Resume

As you begin to piece together information for your resume, it can be a lot to keep track of dates of employment, responsibilities at each position, and of course, your achievements. However, a resume shouldn’t simply be a detailed list of your work history. Here’s a list of additional information for your resume that’s critical to catch the eye of a potential employer.