It’s time to graduate and you need a job. Check out these secrets to a successful STEM job search that you won’t hear on your average college campus:

  1. If you go to the private sector, you can return to academia. Some of the biggest names in STEM are also professors who’ve started their own business or media project but maintain a presence on at least one campus. If you love to teach and work with students but don’t want to go through the tenure track grind, consider joining the private sector and picking up classes at a local college as your side hustle.

  2. Use your student status to get discount rates to conferences and networking opportunities. Whether you are a PhD candidate or an undergraduate student, conferences are the perfect place to meet professionals in your area of STEM. You’ll meet people who put their degree in math, engineering, or science to work in business, industry, government, and academia.

  3. If you switch out of your degree program, you can still get a job in STEM. Ask someone who left your degree program what they are doing now. Chances are they are still passionate about their area of study/topic, and they are probably putting their analytical STEM skills to use at their new job. If you lost touch, reconnect on LinkedIn and find out how their background in STEM helped them get where they are now.

  4. Research startups. Ready to scratch your entrepreneurial itch? Use the analytical skills developed in every STEM program to help a startup develop creative solutions for their product. Startups like someone who can wear many hats, so here’s your chance to try a few roles and discover where your skill set fits and what you like best.

  5. There is a broad range of careers that use STEM. Check out the career profiles on our site. You’ll find men and women who used their STEM degrees to become an astronaut, a doctor, an environmental scientist, and more.


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