On Math, Career, and Life

Q&A with Deanna Haunsperger, MAA President

Mathematics professor Deanna Haunsperger of Carleton College in Northfield, MN is the new president of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). As president of the MAA, Haunsperger leads the world’s largest community of mathematicians, students, and enthusiasts. We are thrilled to have Haunsperger answer our questions about her career as a mathematician and educator, and what she hopes to accomplish for the mathematics community.

Dream Job: Using Geometry to Filter Water

Waste filters are not the most exciting product but they are vital to modern life: people rely on clean, flowing water free of garbage. What people may not know is that the geometry of these waste filters is key to catching all the debris, while keeping water flowing freely.

That is where Sumanth Swaminathan came in. With his colleagues at W.L. Gore & Associates, which makes a range of industrial and medical products like Gore-Tex and Glide dental floss, Swaminathan combined geometry and fluid dynamics to improve waste filters.

Dream Job: Using a Mathematics Degree to Succeed in Med School

Many mathematics students want to help people; they just need to find the best path to channel their abilities. Arthur Staddon, M.D., took his skills in math and science, combined with an interest in problem solving, and built a successful career as a hematologist-oncologist at Penn Medicine.