How To Make the Most of MAA MathFest as a Student

MAA MathFest brings together students, math educators, industry leaders, and math enthusiasts from across the country every summer. This year, nearly 2,000 attendees will gather in Cincinnati, July 31 - Aug. 3 for engaging content, diverse speakers, and sessions that cover a variety of mathematical topics. If you’re attending MAA MathFest as a student, mark your calendars for these events and follow these tips to ensure that you make the most of your MAA MathFest experience to help your future career!

Why You Should Start Building Your Network in College

Networking is a popular buzzword in the working world, but what is it, and why should students start in college? Networking means using the contacts in your life to help get career advice, tips on job openings, and even referrals. Studies show that 60 to 90 percent of jobs are found as a result of personal contacts (friends, relatives, and other connections), so networking is advantageous and should begin in your college career. 

Here are five ways to start networking as an undergraduate: