3D Printing: A Growing Force

Laura Taalman is a professor of mathematics at James Madison University, who works with 3D printing, singular algebraic geometry, knot theory, and games/puzzles such as Tchoukaillon, Sudoku, and Poker. She has worked for a variety of 3D printing companies such as MakerBot, Shapeways, and Ultimaker. She is the founder of JMU 3SPACE, the first general-education 3D-printing classroom in the country.


A Perfect Math Career for Sports Lovers: Part 2

Tim Chartier is an applied mathematician with a focus in computer science, a former MAA vice president, and a professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Davidson College, who frequently works in data analytics with a specialty in sports analytics. He has worked with the NBA, ESPN's Sport Science TV series, NASCAR teams, and fantasy sports sites. He also directs and works with a team of about 70 student researchers to provide analytics to Davidson College sports teams.