Want to ace your next interview? Follow our list of tips below to ensure that you are fully prepared to impress your future employer and nail your interview.

  1. Study and thoroughly understand the job specifications and responsibilities. Be prepared to tie in specific job responsibilities to your previous work experience or interests. 

  2. Familiarize yourself with the company, its leadership, and your interviewers. Show that you’ve done your homework and read the company’s website, the CEO’s memo in the annual report, and the press section of the company’s website. Showing that you are familiar with the company, its people, and its values will help you stand out in an interview.

  3. Network! You should always be networking, even in an interview. Research and find out if you know anyone at the company or organization you are applying to. Find out what it’s really like to work at the company, if there’s room for growth, if they're open to fresh ideas, if it’s a collaborative environment, and more. 

  4. Be confident and remember that this is your interview. You have been invited in so that the company can learn more about you, so be prepared to manage the time to your advantage. You’ve done the preparation, now use your allotted time to explain your skills!

  5. Be proud! We’ve been taught that overconfidence and humble bragging is impolite. While sometimes this is true, in an interview you have a limited amount of time to share who you are, how you fit into the organization, your value proposition, and how well-honed your skills are. To fully convey your skills, you have to do some boasting! Keep it courteous and well-mannered, but don’t be shy about expounding on your achievements.

At the outset, interviews can sometimes feel intimidating, but if you extensively prepare and stick to this list of interview tips, you’ll be set it impress at your next interview!