Employers are seeking math majors all over the country, read about the best locations to be a math teacher, actuary, and data scientist.

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is a great place for actuaries. The average annual salary for actuaries is $98,340. Insurance companies hiring actuaries in the Columbus area include Nationwide Financial, State Auto Insurance, and Root Insurance Company. Columbus is also one of the most cost effective metro areas to live in with the cost of living being 9.6% lower than the national average.

Chicago, Illinois

An actuary in Chicago makes an average of $110,710. Top actuarial employers in Chicago include firms such as Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, Kemper Corporation, and CNA Corporation. Financial and Business jobs such as actuarial jobs are projected to grow by 22.2% by the year 2026 in Chicago. The MAA Career Resource Center also has over 400 actuarial job listings!

Phoenix, Arizona  

According to reports, there are more than 290,000 available positions for data scientists.

Phoenix is a hotspot for anyone wanting to work as a data scientist. There are over 255 data scientist jobs ranging from entry level to more experienced positions and this number continues to grow. In Phoenix, Mesa, and Scottsdale, data scientists make an average annual salary of $142,095.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is another great location for data scientists. With over 250 openings,  Portland offers many opportunities for data scientists. The average salary of a data scientist in Portland is $142,552. Data scientist jobs in Portland have a wide range including entry, junior, and senior positions.

Indianapolis, Indiana

Indiana has had a teacher shortage since 2011. This means the state has since taken action to recruit and train new teachers by providing Indiana teacher candidates the opportunity to receive scholarships and student loan assistance. A commitment to teach for at least 5 years after graduation keeps you student loan debt free. The average teacher salary in Indiana is $51,200 and the cost of living is 9.3 % lower than the national average.

Los Angeles, California

75% of California school districts have reported challenges filling teaching positions in math and science. Los Angeles has been named as a location where teacher salaries go the furthest, meaning higher potential for growth and higher salaries compared to the national average. The average teacher salary in California is $71,666. Teaching jobs are expected to increase by 7.1 % or 7600 jobs by 2026 in Los Angeles.