Searching for a new job? Browsing jobs sites can be tiring and even start to feel monotonous. After you’ve read several job descriptions, they can start to blend together. It might make you wonder, when applying for a job, are the job specifications that important? We sat down with a seasoned Human Resources professional to find out.

The short answer - YES! According to our HR guru, “Job specifications are more than just a description. Most people who write job descriptions work diligently to craft it with well-known words that speak to the job and the organization.” Her main piece of advice, “If the job seems like a good fit as you read through, your next step should be to create a “why me” road map. This requires a time investment, but if you’re able to come up with a good road map, it’s telling that this job is a solid fit.”

How to create your “why me” road map: 

  1. After you’ve carefully read the job specifications, start by marking line items that track to a connection on your resume or other related experience. 

  2. Keep in mind that these connections can go beyond your resume or previous work experience. Do some research and find any connections you might have with the company, its values, and its staff. For example, if the company has offices in France and you speak any French, mention that in your interview. In an interview, connection is key!

  3. You’ve come up with your “why me” propositions. You know you’re a great fit for this position, now work on preparing ways to weave your value propositions into the interview. Seamlessly fitting these into your interview will show the interviewer that you’re not only prepared but have also done your research.

  4. Interviews can be short. It is important to ensure that you represent your value as fully as possible in the allotted time. At the end of the interview, if you haven’t covered all of your “why me” points, close the interview with a few remarks of things you didn’t get a chance to share but want to be sure they know about you. Leave them with some of your value propositions that they won’t forget.

With the help of a carefully crafted “why me” road map, you’ll nail your next interview.